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Solar Mounting Stracture in Anand

The Solar panels shall be of Mono crystalline type of 250W rating as required. The panels shall employ required PV cells and suitable for Grid Connectivity/ Off gridapplications. The Cells shall lay embedded in transparent EVA behind temperedglass. The glass is inset deep in an aluminum frame, there by offering maximum protection. The back of the module is sealed with a high quality back sheet. TheWiring shall be terminated in box backside of panel and shall have no cavities andcompletely water tight and is resistant to Temperature and UV radiation. Theefficiency of PV panels at standard irradiance shall be minimum 85%.The broad operational parameters for Solar panels shall be as follows. However thesystem parameters with any approved product shall be in the similar lines. TheModules shall be protected against surges and also provided with Low voltage drop bypass diodes. Module junction boxes shall be weather protected and made out ofFRP/ Thermo plastic


The Solar modules shall be guaranteed for 25Years for performance ( First 10years@100%, next 15years @90% and at the end of 25years @80% Efficiency) through acorporate guarantee and supported by Insurance is preferable

 Solar Modules Basic Specs:



Description : 250W PanelPeak power : 250WPower Tolerance : +/-3%Max. Power Voltage : 30.8VMax. power Current : 7.8AOpen Circuit Voltage : 37.69VShort Circuit Current : 8.34A

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Module Efficiency : 14-15%Approx. Weight : 29KgsOperating Conditions : -40-+55deg.CMaximum System Voltage : 1000/600VCable suitability : 4sq.mmJunction Box : IP 65 ( with Surge protection device)Each PV Module shall be provided with a RFID tag, provided inside Module laminatespecifying following informationa)


 Name of manufacturer of Solar Module b)


 Name of manufacturer of Solar Cellc)


Unique serial number and Model no of Moduled)


Month and Year of manufacturee)


Country of Originf)


I-V Characteresticg)


Peak Wattage, Im, Vm, FF of Moduleh)


Date and Year of Obtaining PV Module IEC qualification certificatei)

 Name of Test lab issued certificate j)

Other information to trace PV module as per ISO9000

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